One of Hangar 24’s core values is to embrace family, friends, and community. Community has been an enormous contributing factor to Hangar 24’s success and giving back by donating to various organizations is one of the small ways that we can say thank you. It gives us great pleasure to be able to contribute.

Community Giving


To ensure that your request is considered among the hundreds of requests that we receive each year, please read all instructions prior to completing this form.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain a California ABC License and to adhere to all applicable laws.
  • It is highly recommended that reservations for equipment and events be made far in advance of the event (at least 2 months), as equipment quantities are limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Legally Hangar 24 is required to charge a fee for equipment usage. The pricing for Hangar 24 equipment to be at your event is as follows:
    • Large Trailer Rental (one day) - $100
    • Large Trailer Rental (additional day) - $25 
    • Small Trailer Rental (one day) - $50 
    • Small Trailer Rental (additional day) - $25 
    • Truck Rental (one day) - $150 
    • Truck Rental (additional day) - $50 
    •  Jockey Box (deposit) $25
  • A keg, once tapped cannot be returned for full credit. Tapped kegs will be credited as empty barrels.
  • Untapped kegs purchased under a temporary license can be returned for full credit. Unopened and undamaged cases of cups can also be returned for full credit when purchased under a temporary license.
  • It is the event organizers responsibility to send Hangar 24 Craft Brewery and Distribution a copy of the event’s temporary ABC license prior to delivery or pick up of the donation. We are unable to deliver or release any donation without having received a copy of the ABC license.
  • Events expecting a large volume crowd and which last over 4 hours are encouraged to hire at least one Draught Technician per truck, and/or one Draught Technician per every 2 jockey boxes. See price list for details.
  • It is the event organizers’ responsibility to provide ice. Every draught truck requires approximately eight-ten 40lb bags per 4 hours: every double jockey box two 40lb bags.
  • Refrigerated trailers require a standard 110v power source.
  • All event license holders are obligated to make full payment at the completion of the event.
  • Scheduling may require we drop equipment at least one day before the event begins and pick up at least one day after the event’s conclusion.
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